Adel, Oregon
Adel Oregon 97620

Adel is a post office on Deep Creek where it debouches into Warner Valley. C. A. Moore, in a communication in the Oregonian on September 18, 1926, says the office was named by bert Sessions, who owned the land where it was first established in 1896. He named it for a former sweetheart. A more intriguing source is suggested by Judge Virgil Langtry of Portland, who states that Mrs. Jacob Messner, an early settler in the Warner Valley, had recalled to her grandchildren that the name was compliment to Leda, a cow of many virtues belonging to a local resident. Since the spelling was reversed, one can only assume the compliment was backhanded.


Adel sits about 30 miles east of Lakeview along HWY 140. It is a small town used frequently by travelers and locals stopping for a cold drink on a hot day.

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