Adrian, Oregon
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Adrian Oregon 97901
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Historians speculate Adrian actually got its start on the east side of the Snake River, but moved across the water when a rumor was circulated the Oregon Short Line Railroad would follow the river to the west bank. At that time, Reuben McCreary platted a town site on 73 acres, which he dubbed "Riverside." the Oregon Short Line Railroad obtained a right-of-way from McCreary in 1911, and in 1914, he changed the town sites name, giving it the name of his birthplace, Adrian, Illinois.

The original compiler says "when a branch of the Oregon Short Line Railroad was built into this part of the country, there was a post office called Riverview on the east side of Snake River, and railroad officials did not desire to have a station of the same name on the west side. Reuben McCreary, who platted the town site of Riverview on the west side, suggested that if that name was unsatisfactory the name Adrian be used, which was adopted by the railroad on February 13, 1913. This was to commemorate his birthplace, Adrian, Hancock County, Illinois. Riverview post office, with its descriptive name, was established on the east side of the river on August 22, 1911, with John E. Holley postmaster. About 1913, the office was moved west across the river to the vicinity of Adrian station, and the name of the office was changed to Adrian on November 10, 1919. Earlier editions of this book ascribe the name James Adrian, a local sheep man, but Adrian did not arrive in the area until 1916."


State parks with 50 miles: Lake Owyhee State Park and Succor Creek State Recreational Park.