Bridal Veil, Oregon
Bridal Veil Oregon 97010

The romantically inclined never fail to name at least one important waterfall in a state Bridal Veil. The falls in Oregon bearing this name are quite attractive during the higher stages of water, even though they are to a certain extent obscured by the bridge of the Historic Columbia River Highway. They have borne this name since pioneer days. There is a community nearby named Bridal Veil, and Bridal Veil post office, established July 7, 1887, is a popular mailing point for wedding invitations. In 1991, the Trust for Public Lands acquired the property of the old Bridal Veil Lumber Company with the intent of donating much of it to the USFS for a park. By 2003, the old buildings had been removed, but the property had not changed hands. The creek forming the falls is also known as Bridal Veil Creek. It heads on Larch Mountain.


Bridal Veil Oregon