Colton, Oregon
Colton Oregon 97017

Colton is an unincorporated city at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

Historically Swedish due to it proximity to logging, the community remains a small close knit community. There are a half dozen or so churches and the only tavern is four miles out of town on hwy 211. Christmas tree and horticulture have taken up where small rural family farms once prospered.

For a good history of the area see: "Our Proud Past" available at book stores and museums in the larger surrounding cities of Estacada Oregon City and Molalla. The Lutheran Church at the center of town is a living post card and the small grocery store across the street has been in active use since the turn of the last century. The small local cafe will warm your ribs.

Down Town Colton has a public water system for some, but everyone else has wells. Water is so clean and cold it makes that european bottled stuff taste like California city water. The air is clean but it does rain here more than the surrounding areas due to the proximity to the mountain. Goat mountain is the local "butte" rising to 4000 ft.

Its 20 minutes to Oregon City, 55 min. to Salem; 45 min. to Portland, 80 min. to the coast and about 60 min. to Mt. Hood. Rarely floods except along Milk Creek, but there is an occasional mud slide on any of the number of sloping hills. Its about as green as heaven might be and on a sunny day the sky is so blue it takes your breath away. While clear sky's are a bit rare with few consecutive days of sunshine which occur in August through September, there are pretty nice days through October and a few nice days in February, May and June.