Crabtree, Oregon
Crabtree Oregon 97335

This creek rises in Crabtree Lake on the west slope of the Cascade Range and flows into South Santiarn River just east of the forks of the Santiam. Thuake has been known both as Wolf Lake and Crabtree, but the OGNB approved the latter in the summer of 1966. The stream and lake were named for John J. Crabtree, a native of Virginia, who crossed the plains in 1845. After wintering on the Tualatin Plains, Mr. and Mrs. Crabtree bought the William Packwood claim east of the forks of the Santiarn in the spring of 1846. See editorial page Oregon Journal, December 3 and 4, 1924, and Carey's History of Oregon, V. 2, pg. 203. The station on the Southern Pacific branch north of Lebanon was named for a cousin, Fletcher Crabtree. Crabtree community and post office are adjacent to the railroad.