Eddyville, Oregon
Eddyville Oregon 97343

This post office seems to have had more than the usual number of moves. It was first called Little Elk, because it was near the mouth of Little Elk Creek. About 1888 Israel F. Eddy, the postmaster, moved the office about a mile west and had the name changed to Eddyville. Some four years later, the office was brought back to it's original location and the name changed to Little Elk. About 1893, it was moved again to Eddy's place and was continued under the name Eddyville until1900, when it was moved back to the mouth of Little Elk Creek, but it's name was not changed and the office still goes by the name Eddyville. Israel Eddy was a man of generous size and remarkable strength who, on more than one occasion, seized brawlers by the neck and dunked them into the horse trough. In 1908, at the wedding of a local young lady, he appeared with a coonskin cap and ear trumpet and regaled the assembly with the story of how he recovered from the flu by drinking a swig of piano polish mistaken for his medicine. Eddy died in 1911 at age 87.