Fall Creek, Oregon
Fall Creek Oregon 97438

Fall Creek was a post office on the stream of the same name, which is tributary to Middle Fork Willamette River. Fall Creek post office was near the junction of Little Fall Creek and the main stream. The writer is told that many years ago the community was called Tay for the River Tay in Scotland, apparently by the Stuart's and other Scottish settlers in the neighborhood. James Stuart located there as early as 1853. Postal authorities informed the compiler that Tay post office was established August 9, 1880, with A. R. Randall first postmaster. The name of the office was changed to Fall Creek on August 3, 1885, apparently at the request of T. C. Randall, then postmaster. The stream has been known in the past as Big Fall Creek, in contradistinction to Little Fall Creek, a tributary, but federal mapping agencies nearly always drop the word big from pairs of names of this sort and consider the larger stream the main stem, with little applied to the tributary. In 1965, Fall Creek Reservoir was completed by the USCE. It is a 1,820-acre pool retained by a 195-foot-high rockfill dam operated for flood control and water conservation. The pool stores approximately 115,000 acre-feet of water at a normal elevation of 830 feet and provides a popular lake for water sports.