Fields, Oregon
Fields Oregon 97710


Fields was established in 1881 by Charles Fields. Fields consists of a store, cafe, gas station, camp ground, hotel, post office, and a few houses. There is also an historic cemetery about 100 yards from the store. Darrell and Charlotte Northrup, who now operate all the businesses in Fields, are happy to welcome the many visitors each year.

The Fields area also has many natural attractions. We have various hot springs spread throughout the area. The mountains of the Fields region are the Pueblo, Steens, and the Trout Creek Mountain ranges. There are various kinds of wild life such as elk, Mule Deer, Prong Horn, Big Horn Sheep, pheasant, doves, geese, and ducks. Rainbow Trout may be found in the many lakes and streams. For hunting, fishing and site seeing, Fields is one of the best.

As you explore our region please leave the gates as you found them. Remember some land is privately owned, so check first.


Bog Hot Springs, White Horse Hot Springs, Alvord Hot Springs, all of these hot springs are open to the public. You can also view the East Rim of the Steens Mountain. The Fields Café is also another main attraction, known far and wide for their famous hamburgers and milkshakes. The fishing, hunting, and site seeing is larger-than-life in Fields, and the community invites you to come and see for yourself.