Keno, Oregon
Keno Oregon 97627

This place has had several names, and their history is confusing. Post office records are not as complete as they might be. A post office called Whittles Ferry was established at or near what is now Keno on September 22, 1876, with Robert Marple first postmaster. Apparently, the ferry was operated by Robert Whittle, and the office was named for him. There was some objection to the name of the office, possibly because it was in two words. Capt. O. C. Applegate told the writer that he suggested the name Klamath River, but postal officials also objected to this for some undisclosed reason. Captain Applegate then suggested the name Plevna, a word then prominent in the news from the Russo-Turkish War. Accordingly, the name Whittles Ferry was changed to Plevna on january 9, 1878. Later, the office was moved northeast a couple of miles to Juniper Ridge, along with the name, and finally closed March 1892. The move incensed local patrons, and they secured a new office in August 1887 and named it Keno for Capt. D. J. Ferree's dog. Helbock, in Oregon Post Offices, says the animal belonged to Mary E. Ferree, the first postmaster. The compiler does not know whether she was the wife or daughter of the captain. Nellie Doten, postmaster at Keno in january 1926, informed the writer that her father surveyed and platted the townsite and called it Doten. This name was objected to for a post office because of the similarity to Dayton. According to her version, the name Keno was then adopted for the office on account of Captain Ferree's bird-dog. Keno, the dog, was named after the popular card game of earlier days.