Lowell, Oregon
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Lowell Oregon 97452
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Amos D. Hyland, who came from Lowell, Maine, in the 1850s, established the communtiy and helped secure a post office, of which he was once postmaster. He named the place for his former home. He was a successful stock-raiser and, the writer is informed, was an energetic and hard-working man. He brought up a famliy of 14 children! The frist post office in this locality was called Cannon. It was wstablished August 9, 1880, with C.E. Byers postmaster, and named for A.D. Cannon, a local resident. The name was changed to Lowell on Februray 19, 1883.


The city of Lowell is surrounded by three reservoirs, Lookout Point, Dexter and Fall Creek. Lowell continues to lead the area in fishing, water skiing and boat racing. Columbia Boating Races are held in June, July and September. Local area attractions include: Neptune State Park, Washburne Memorial State Park, Devils Elbow State Park, Morton State Park, Honeyman State Park, Armitage, Elijah Bristow, Ben and Kay Dorris State Park, Willamette National Forest, Three Sisters, Rock Creek, Waldo Lake, Cummins Creek, Diamond Peak and Howard Buford Recreational Area.