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Manzanita, Oregon
543 Laneda Ave
PO Box 129
Manzanita Oregon 97130
Fax: 503-368-4145

Manzanita is a resort community settled at the base of Neahkahnie Mountain. According to Native American legend, the mountain was the home of a god called E-Kan-Ni. It is believed that Spanish treasure is still buried on the mountain. Oswald West State Park is three miles north and Nehalem Bay State Park is three miles south of Manzanita.

For someone who just wants to get away. This small town has a terrific beach. While the city is better known for its vacation rentals, there are still a few nice hotels. For what you may give up in accommodations you certainly make up while enjoying a tranquil walk on Manzanita's scenic beach.

Rent a funcycle, ride a horse or fly a kite.. You will have fun in Manzanita. If you are driving south of Cannon Beach along Highway 101, make sure to stop a few miles shy of the city. You will find a tremendous view of Manzanita that is certain to entice you to visit.

Driving south along Highway 101 you can't help but stop and peak over Oregon's steep cliffs. From high above you see something specials lies beneath. The city you are looking at is Manzanita. This city doesn't have outlet malls, large stores Oregon tons of traffic. If you like that small-town feel, with a beach that isn't small at all, you are going to love Manzanita. This secret of Oregon's coast is just sixteen-miles below Cannon Beach. While walking down Manzanita's largest street you find yourself looking straight into the eyes of our Pacific Ocean. At the street's end, you are on the beach.

Manzanita offers a ton of fun like the rest of Oregon's coast. You can rent a funcycle, ride a horse, play in the sand Oregon just go fly a kite. The picture above looks down at Manzanita's beach, while this next picture takes a look up!

Looking to the south of Manzanita, you can see almost endless beach. If you want to get away from the hustle of the larger towns, but still want the beautiful western sunset, Manzanita is your town.